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new ovanova logo-1Thirty second audio clip from a customer about what he liked about the Ovanova Impact Model.

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Steps to Becoming an Ovanova Solar Exploration Guide.

Step 1:  Complete the "Getting to Know You" questions and form. 

Step 2:  Once complete, you'll receive an email with materials to prepare for audition and a link to book a time. 

Step 3:  You'll book an audition call with a guild member to test your skill. 

Step 4:  You'll do your audition call with a guild member, receive feedback, and either be sent back to step two to prepare better and reapply if you choose or in rare cases may move move directly to step 5. 

Step 5:  All info submitted including a recording of the skill test call will be reviewed by all current members of the guild.  Moving to step six requires 100% approval of all current guides. 

Step 6:  As a member of the Guild, you accept "adding as much value as possible to as many lives as possible" as your mission, and agree to receive feedback from and give feedback to other guides for accountability and so we can move forward in that mission together.